CUBE: Tablets That Will Get Windows 10




CUBE will offer Windows 10 for eight of its tablets, some of which are dual-OS Android/Windows. This is a bold marketing move. Will Onda, Teclast, and others also announce their Windows 10 update plans?

There’s still no word on any update to Android 5.0.


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9 responses to “CUBE: Tablets That Will Get Windows 10

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  2. gorka

    Good news indeed!one question in terms of build quality is cube superior to teclast or onda?because if they are then I see no reason to not buying the i6 dual boot instead of the teclast air 98 3g or the onda v919..

  3. definitio

    I think software updates between Android and Windows differ significantly.
    – In Android the manufacturer is basically the sole provider of official updates
    – In Windows you can just upgrade yourself. Microsoft has said it will offer free upgrades to Win10 for Win7 and Win8, so given that the licence key is in the BIOS, you dont need an official release by whomever manufacturer

    Sure “clean install” may be preferable in Windows, but it is not necessary.

    Still, you can do a clean install with Win10 yourself and use the licence key provided….it’s not on a sticker, it’s not provided after install before leaving the factory; which still would not be a problem, Belarc Advisor can locate all software licence keys installed

  4. ftechno

    onda v989 a80t cpu have lollipop beta firmware

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