How To Dismiss Promoted Tweets

This is what a Promoted Tweet — aka advertisement — looks like on the Twitter website:


How can you tell?



But wait! How is it Dismissed?

Put your pointer to the right of “Promoted By…” …


… and BAM!


… the secret Dismiss Button is uncloaked. PUNCH that sucker.

Every Dismiss costs an advertiser money. Think of it as making them pay a fine for annoying you!

Don’t Report As Spam. That’s useless.

I don’t know how this works with Twitter clients, just the website.


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3 responses to “How To Dismiss Promoted Tweets

  1. Keishon

    You can dismiss them on the Twitter mobile client, too.

  2. jessica greenbaum

    my twitter feed stopped showing me the word dismiss. Anywhere. Now what?

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