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Earthquake: Alibaba Invests In Meizu

This news is so big, even Reuters picked it up: Alibaba places China smartphone business bet with $590 million Meizu deal

The thing about Alibaba is that it has its own Cloud-based OS, called Aliyun. That’s way ahead of its time. Blank hardware isn’t something that I think will happen any time soon. Neither Apple nor Samsung should be worried. Nor should Xiaomi.

And it’s also unclear what Meizu’s stance is in regard to international telephony patent licensing. Not having them has blunted Xiaomi’s international ambitions.

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Nokia N1 Disassembled For Real


Allegedly by an owner, not that piss-poor PR hype “disassembly” ZOL did.

Over at the ZOL Nokia N1 forum [Google Translate].

Unfortunately, the USB remains a mystery. It wasn’t mentioned.

Instead of wasting time battling each other, both Onda and Teclast should be spending their time studying the internal design. Both could learn a lot.

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This Needs Repeating

A Sticky for the day. Scroll down one for new posts.

Why I Won’t Recommend A Tablet To Anyone

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