Chinese New Year, Quiet Tablet Time


There’s been no new tablet introductions of any significance (meaning: of interest to me) during my blog interruption.

Basically, half of February seems to be one big holiday over in China.

March has zero holidays in it. So whatever’s been waiting in the wings will pop then.

I have no idea where China tablets are headed. Unless there’s a surprise Intel Z-series chip coming, the dual-OS tablets we’ve been seeing will be the status quo probably until the end of Summer. The overarching question with those is what will happen with Android 5.0 and Windows 10 updates.

MediaTek wants to be the leading chip supplier in China, so I’d expect some Android-only tablets with 4G to be announced. But if they don’t ship with Android 5.0, they shouldn’t even bother.

Meanwhile, there have been over one hundred and seventy pages of forum discussion over at XDA Developers about the ZTE Zmax and still no unlocked bootloader or rooting method in sight. ZTE says they’ll offer an unlocked bootloader, but people still wait. I keep monitoring that discussion because people seem very, very pleased with that phone and MetroPCS still has it for just US$99 (which T-Mobile stores might price-match if you insist and pout a bit).

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