Leaks: Samsung’s New Tablets

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 8-inch and 9.7-inch specifications

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 size vs. the Apple iPad Air 2 and iPad mini 3

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 2 9.7 (SM-T815) appears on benchmark

The current Tab S 8.4 is lustatic to me; moreso than the Dell Venue 8 7000.

I’m drooling just thinking about these.

Previously here:

Rumor: New Samsung Tablets To Be 4:3 Screens



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3 responses to “Leaks: Samsung’s New Tablets

  1. Moccij

    “The resolutions have also gone down to 2048×1536 pixels from 2560×1600 pixels on the first-generation tablets, though that shouldn’t really make much of a difference as the resolution is still high enough to prevent pixels from being visible to the naked eye, especially on an 8-inch display.”
    This is a perfectly valid point, as I can’t comprehend the necessity of 400+ ppi screens, although the current sub 300 ppi for the iPad shows some letters jaggedness if one watch it relatively close. Aside from that, I didn’t expect a big company like Samsung to completely borrow Apple’s design decisions; I hope that more and more will make the switch to 4:3, I’m beginning to think that one of the biggest reason Android tablets are still on 16:10 max is really to not give Apple any credit for doing it right the first time.

  2. Robert Jasiek

    4:3 and hardware promise to be great. Will Samsung destroy the joy by preinstalled crapware?

    • It seems Samsung is scaling back bloatware, if rumors are to believed. The S6 is supposed to have just two pre-installed apps. Let us hope TouchWiz is made an option — like any other launcher — and underneath is regular Android.

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