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Lenovo 2 13 Tablet Language

Yariman Adudu left a Comment in the wrong place that I’m promoting to a post:

I bought Lenovo yoga tablet 2 13 inch with windows in china follow your tutorial onda v989 on how to change language from Chinese to English but to no avail. But I don’t know whether you have the type of Lenovo yoga tablet 2 13 with windows so can do the tutorial for me and the rest of the people who have similar experience so that we can change bit easily, please.

All I know is what Microsoft says to do here: How to Change Windows 8 Language

Anyone else have suggestions or a solution?



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Xiaomi’s New Mi Note Wows Jaded American Tech Press

Tech Times: Xiaomi Mi Note Review Roundup: Is It The Best Smartphone You Cannot Have (Yet)?

Quartz: Exactly why Xiaomi’s new Mi Note is “the best phone you can’t get in America”

Gizmodo: Xiaomi Mi Note: This Chinese Phone Is Great. Too Bad You Can’t Use It.

The Verge: The Xiaomi Mi Note is the best phone you can’t have

GSM Arena: Xiaomi Mi Note review: Striking the right note

Ars Technica: Xiaomi’s Mi Note phablet outclasses the competition for half the price

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