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HP’s New Tablets. Another Chance To FAIL


ZOL has some photos from Mobile World Congress 2015 [Google Translate].

And after the break, CNet has a video demonstration.

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Nokia N1 Has Full Google Apps Outside China


Android Central posted a YouTube video from Mobile World Congress 2015 showing a demonstration of the Nokia N1 tablet by a Nokia representative.

Outside of China, the N1 will have all of the usual Google apps and services people expect of Android. Unfortunately, still no non-China markets announced. By the time they get around to that, they’ll have to update the CPU to compete against the newer Intel Atoms.

See the video after the break.

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In China, Microsoft Likes Dual-OS Tablets



I don’t usually check the Microsoft Weibos. Today I did and was surprised to find the official Microsoft Windows Weibo promoting the Android/Windows 8.1 Onda V919 3G Air tablet. (I’m not linking to the video. It’s basically an unboxing that shows the OS switching.)

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