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Xiaomi Caught In Middle Of Malware

Security firm finds preinstalled malware on Xiaomi Mi 4 smartphone

We are certain the device that Bluebox tested is not using a standard MIUI ROM, as our factory ROM and OTA ROM builds are never rooted and we don’t pre-install services such as YT Service, PhoneGuardService, AppStats etc. Bluebox could have purchased a phone that has been tampered with, as they bought it via a physical retailer in China. Xiaomi does not sell phones via third-party retailers in China, only via our official online channels and selected carrier stores.
— Hugo Barra, VP International

I must side with Xiaomi on this one.

As I’ve pointed out numerous times here, Xiaomi and Lei Jun are constantly banging the drum against Xiaomi counterfeits and insisting the only trustworthy source of their products is Xiaomi itself.

March 11, 2015 update: Thanks to E.T. in Comments, we now know the Mi 4 tested was a fake! Always buy from trusted sources!

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