Are China Core-M Tablets Now A Bargain?

The new Core-M MacBook starts at a whopping US$1299.

Does that make China Core-M tablets at half the price a bargain?

My head is too filled with cancer thoughts to concentrate on a detailed comparison, but CUBE has jumped on the opportunity to compare its i7 Core-M tablet to certain aspects of the new MacBook in press material published at both IMP3Net [Google Translate] and ZOL [Google Translate].

How long until someone buys a China Core-M tablet and hacks OS X onto it? Imagine OS X with a touchscreen and as a tablet. The ability to be turned into a Hackintosh drove sales of the old MSI Wind netbook. Will such hacking drive international sales of China Core-M tablets?

Paging Steven Troughton-Smith

Same-day and next-day updates after the break.

Same-day update: CUBE has published a comparison chart on Weibo:


Second same-day update: Oh this is funny. Hours after posting that chart, I was reviewing the day’s posts and noticed that in their haste CUBE made this error:


Whoever did the chart didn’t change it from the last use. In the chart title it has the i6 Air 3G, not the i7!

Next-day update: CUBE sent out the chart via Weibo again today …


… and the title has been fixed …


… even though they didn’t bother to vertically orient the text properly.


Awesome Apple Macbook engineering, slightly out of my reach.

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