A family member has been afflicted.

I’ve spent the past month between hospitals.

This is in addition to the IRL Complications that have prevented me from updating this blog regularly.

Updating of this blog will continue to be irregular and with fewer updates until the entire situation improves.

By the way, I lightly used the Nexus 9 again yesterday. I still like it. It also had the keyboard cover. US$129 for that keyboard case is highway robbery. And I couldn’t get it to work with the tablet. But I could type on it, which surprised me.

Previously here:

IRL Complications

Note: This post was published on March 11th. It will remain a sticky until circumstances change one way or the other.



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19 responses to “#FuckCancer

  1. Pau

    Hope he or she gets well soon.

  2. Martin

    Same from Here Mike….Stay positive and #Fuck Cancer.

  3. Luke

    You have a load of people who want to support you and your loved ones. We can’t be indifferent in this.
    I lost my girlfriend when I was 25 (I am 44 now) and my wife lost her partner due to this crap thing when she was 23.
    The good thing is that the last couple of years progress in fighting this crap (as I call it) has made significant progress due to technology. We must keep on fighting!
    I just lost my job and my wife just lost her job today but that does not compare to this.
    I would say write if you can and update us on the situation. We are humans behind the geek status and we are here to help. You have helped us already.
    Time for us to give back!

    • Not sure where it’s all going yet and this is really more of a private matter but I wanted people to have some idea of why things got even more irregular here.

  4. Good thoughts and energy. If there’s anything you need you can email me directly kittent@gmail

  5. Man, everything is going to be all right, dont worry at all bro. Keep your head up, everything is going to get better and better.

  6. Niklas

    All my love to you man ! @ sweden

  7. Ilya T.

    Hope the person gets well soon, and all the best wishes, Mike!
    Thanks for your work, and please take whatever time you need to support the people who are close to you.

  8. Sorry to hear the news. I hope the treatment plan will have a successful outcome. Sending you good wishes.

  9. Fuck cancer

    good luck dear!! fuck the cancer!

  10. neross

    I’m sorry to hear the cancer affected your family. But do Yes, I understand want to know the truth about cancer? The truth is that ANYONE WHO GETS CANCER TOTALLY DESERVES IT .why? Don’t get mad on me before you listed me out. I have more than enough evidance to support the hypothesis of why cancer occurs. According to me, cancer is some sort of self destruction mechanism which is programmed on cellular level and is part of cells biological functionality. In true reality is very very difficult to cure cancer because itsbmade to be that way whoever designed the human cell. Don’t ever believe in evolution theory , any cell biologist will tell you it can next happen. Cells biology is so overwhelmingly complex, so super intelligent, so super repairing on many levels, its mind blowing system, we can’t even fully comprehend by reverse engineering it. Anyway. My theory says, that every cell is genetically programmed to slowly self destruct whole body, when the chemical processes in many cells for long time are out of the preprogrammed norm. Thats intelligent cell design.so tht means that almost anything can cause cancer: polluted air, polluted food, man made chemicals, stressful intense life, polluted water, and any combination of above. No providing my theory is true, anyone who gets cancer totally deserves it, because they abyse their bodies, most of the times even without understanding it. So stop being angry 😠 on cancerr, instead be angry 😠 on idiotic human race who destroys itself without understanding it. Hope 🙏 you have enough intelligence to understand what I just said. My goal is to not make you sad 😔 but to open your eyes on reality. My personal advice to anyone who read this is to relocate to job polluted countries, like canada, norway, scotland , get yourself a farm or get into the local🔒 community and start respecting your body and your life. And stop blaming cancer. It’s not cancers fault to kill you , its your idiotic loe intelligece who is the true cause of cancer. Do you understand my way of thinking? If not, do some mind building. Ask me for help if you want to understand but cant

  11. Martin

    Are things doing better?

  12. E.T.

    I really hope that things will improve for your family member and you!

  13. Since you are a BIG Thunderbirds fan. Caught this brief interview last night with Sir Richard Taylor, discussing his involvement(development) of the new Thunderbirds series. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_nFDzFn2lEc

  14. jtxmisc

    saya sudah melakukan tips poin 2 dan 3 untuk point 1 menyusul , info yang sangat menarik, sepertinya harus dicoba :)

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