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The New Game Show: Who Wants To Apply For A Job?

Why I Won’t Go on Any More Tech-Job Interviews

I’m not a trained seal any more. I won’t go to any more demeaning, dehumanizing, pompous-nonsense interviews. Lunch? Sure. Phone interview? Yeah, of course. Tests? Maybe. I can see where an employer might want to verify, with a practicum, that I know skills applicable to the specific job at hand. Fair enough.

But sit me down in a room with some wise ass asking me how I’d determine the number of window panes in New York City, or some shit like that? F*ck the hell off. Just get the hell out.

Before that kind of bullshit, recruiters would want you to come in so they could “look you over.” As if you were a fucking car they were deciding to buy based on its appearance. I told them to shove that up their ass years ago.

I don’t play well with other people?

I don’t play well with fucking spoiled brats and morons. Life is too fucking short for that shit.

I console myself in the firm knowledge that everyone who dishes out that kind of shit is going to be on the receiving end of even worse one day.


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R.I.P. Writer Terry Pratchett

Sir Terry Pratchett dies, aged 66

Author Sir Terry Pratchett has died aged 66, his publishers have confirmed.

Sir Terry, who suffered from Alzheimer’s disease and has previously campaigned in favour of assisted dying, passed away at home with his family by his side.

A statement from his publishers disclosed his beloved cat had been sleeping on his bed alongside him.

It is understood he succumbed to illness earlier this year, and passed away from natural causes.

Rest in peace.

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The US$48 Windows Tablet


The Ployer MOMO7W, at 299 yuan. That’s about US$48. Read about it at IMP3Net [Google Translate].

This is a new price low.

Earlier this week I saw two new Windows tablets at Best Buy. One eight-inch, the other seven-inch. Neither would power on. And the seven-inch one looked and felt like junk. This is probably junk too. And Windows on a seven-inch screen will probably make you want to gouge out your eyes.

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Ployer: US$65 Windows 8.1 Tablet


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