The New Game Show: Who Wants To Apply For A Job?

Why I Won’t Go on Any More Tech-Job Interviews

I’m not a trained seal any more. I won’t go to any more demeaning, dehumanizing, pompous-nonsense interviews. Lunch? Sure. Phone interview? Yeah, of course. Tests? Maybe. I can see where an employer might want to verify, with a practicum, that I know skills applicable to the specific job at hand. Fair enough.

But sit me down in a room with some wise ass asking me how I’d determine the number of window panes in New York City, or some shit like that? F*ck the hell off. Just get the hell out.

Before that kind of bullshit, recruiters would want you to come in so they could “look you over.” As if you were a fucking car they were deciding to buy based on its appearance. I told them to shove that up their ass years ago.

I don’t play well with other people?

I don’t play well with fucking spoiled brats and morons. Life is too fucking short for that shit.

I console myself in the firm knowledge that everyone who dishes out that kind of shit is going to be on the receiving end of even worse one day.


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