iLevon: Phone Buying Advice, USB-C



It’s interesting that he — a Xiaomi employee who works on MIUI — suggests brands other than Xiaomi in his list. And the iPhone 6 (Plus) comes out on top of all of them, under “Synthesis.”

As for not buying an older phone, I’m not so sure. I’ve been looking at both the ZTE Zmax and the Sony T2 Ultra, both of which are essentially the same with Snapdragon 400 guts. For their price, there’s nothing “modern” to compete with the screen sizes they offer.






Of course, we’ve seen Nokia adopt this with their N1 tablet — and then botch it by giving it USB 2.x instead of 3.1.

And I’m not sure how much it matters that the new MacBook uses USB-C. Sure, other notebook makers will rush to copy Apple. But what really matters is Apple switching to USB-C with its iPhone and iPad. That would matter.

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