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Pebble Time


The still-unreleased Pebble Time with color e-paper display showing a random terrain generator under development by John Hryb IV ‏(@JHryb4) and enthusiastically tweeted by Cherie Williams ‏(@cherie_williams), who is Developer Evangelist at Pebble.

Three more tweets and photos after the break.

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USB-C: Make It So!

Taiwanese USB 3.1 Type C Supply Chains Getting Tons of Orders

LeTV could launch phones with USB C

Nokia set the pace by including a USB-C port on their N1 tablet. That was back in November.

Here we are in March, four months later, and Apple and Google have adopted USB-C. (Unlike Nokia, they’ll offer full USB 3.1, not the USB 2.x of the N1 tablet.)

And now LeTV’s new phone will have a USB-C port.

This is a bit embarrassing for many companies, among them Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, HTC, Lenovo/Motorola, and Dell. Just to name a few.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Series: Just Like 2013 Chinese iPad Clones


Мировой анонс Samsung Galaxy Tab A в Москве [Google Translate: World’s announcement of Samsung Galaxy Tab A in Moscow]

Samsung secretly announces the Galaxy Tab A in Russia

This is rather embarrassing for Samsung. They’ve released what are basically Chinese clone tablets in Russia. The screens are a tragic 1024 x 768 — and for that they want three hundred Euros!

Many more photos at the first link.

Samsung doesn’t understand what people want. We want Samsung quality at lower prices. Stop giving us lower prices on what’s basically junk.


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Mi Note Special Edition Bamboo Back



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Windows 10 On Teclast X98 Air 3G

[Note: Typo in post title had the tablet as the X89. It’s obviously the X98!]



This is really something to see!

The requisite screensnaps and video after the break.

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More About The Vido M9i Dual-OS Tablet



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