USB-C: Make It So!

Taiwanese USB 3.1 Type C Supply Chains Getting Tons of Orders

LeTV could launch phones with USB C

Nokia set the pace by including a USB-C port on their N1 tablet. That was back in November.

Here we are in March, four months later, and Apple and Google have adopted USB-C. (Unlike Nokia, they’ll offer full USB 3.1, not the USB 2.x of the N1 tablet.)

And now LeTV’s new phone will have a USB-C port.

This is a bit embarrassing for many companies, among them Samsung, Xiaomi, Huawei, ZTE, HTC, Lenovo/Motorola, and Dell. Just to name a few.

I know that it takes time to develop a device. But the speed at which LeTV will be incorporating it into their new phone is surprising — and it really is embarrassing for those other companies to be trumped by an absolute newcomer in devices.

And all those new Core-M tablets announced and released by Teclast, CUBE, Ramos, and others — not one of them contain a USB-C port!

It’s going to be interesting to see what USB-C — at real USB 3.1 speeds — means for tablets. Is battery drain an issue? Is that why Nokia went with USB 2.x on the N1? But that doesn’t make any sense if LeTV can put it in a phone. What will USB-C mean for peripherals? Is Host Mode automatically a part of the spec? Will hard drives “just work”?

A lot of things will be redesigned this year for the USB-C connector. It will be a pleasure to have one connector on all devices instead of the current mess.

I now cringe at the thought that I’ll have to buy something this year that won’t include a USB-C port.

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One response to “USB-C: Make It So!

  1. Moccij

    usb-c is limited to 2.0 for low power applications, so yes, even if the standard may (and will!) be adopted by the majority, there will still be huge discrepancies between different implementations with the same connector. This will inevitably lead to the same benchmark rounds as already saw with SD cards readers, which speeds really seem to depend from many factors. That said, this connector is almost exactly what Apple did with lightning in terms of functionalities, and judging from the fact that the new MacBook sports usb-c instead of the former may lead to the conclusion that it’ll be adopted by the rest of the idevices…

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