Thunderbirds Are Go: Embargo Not Go?

A curious tweet:


Red highlighting by me:


In case you missed that, here it is as text:

The information contained herein is strictly embargoed from all press, online and social media use, non-commercial publication, or syndication until Tuesday 24 March 2015.

As we say in the trade: Oopsie!

I didn’t break the embargo, but once Pandora is out of her box, all’s fair is my opinion.

So here’s what’s coming up if this link goes dark:

Reggie & Thunderbirds: No Strings Attached

Thunderbirds super-fan Reggie Yates is given exclusive, behind-the-scenes access in this one-off documentary special, as one of the most-loved TV series of all time is sensationally re-launched.

Thunderbirds Are Go hits our screens this year, fifty years after the original series first played on ITV – and now Reggie is going to get a sneak preview behind the scenes of this brand new production.

In New Zealand, Reggie gets an exclusive tour of the world famous Weta Workshop (Avatar, King Kong and The Hobbit) by Oscar winning founder Sir Richard Taylor. Then he’s allowed access to the studios where the Weta team have secretly been recreating and reimagining Gerry Anderson’s TV classic – including the world famous Tracy Island.

In London, Reggie joins the all-star cast voicing the new series – including ex-Bond girl and Gone Girl Hollywood star Rosamund Pike (as the new Lady Penelope) and Four Lions / Fonejacker star Kayvan Novak… and gets the opportunity of a lifetime when he’s offered a part in the new series.

We see Reggie recording lines with the legendary David Graham – the voice of Parker in the original Thunderbirds series, who is returning to play the iconic rough diamond butler and chauffeur, half a century on.

Then life-long Thunderbirds fan Reggie is invited along to the recording of a special episode (penned by comedy star and fellow fan David Baddiel) featuring a cameo appearance by original series co-creator and voice of the original Lady Penelope – Sylvia Anderson.

Reggie & Thunderbirds – No Strings Attached will give fans a first chance to see this new series, combining live action backgrounds and sets with cutting edge CGI – and a fitting occasion to remember and celebrate the original ground-breaking series.

We already knew a Making of … -type special was coming up. What’s the big deal if a bland press release about it leaks out? If anything, ITV should be glad I’m still writing about it after the trailer of the new series.

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