iFive Air Will Get Android 5.x “Soon”



Android 5.x will be via platform partner Rockchip and then will incorporate whatever part of the iFive Skin they decide to slather over it. It will be interesting to see if MultiWindow Android 2.0 is included in the upgrade.






Five Technology said back in November that the Air would get Android 5.x. It’s good to see they haven’t forgotten after all of these months.

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4 responses to “iFive Air Will Get Android 5.x “Soon”

  1. Anyád

    Please make it to iFive mini 4

    • No official release from Rockchip/Five Technology yet. It was waaaay back in March someone posted a preview on the 5Fans forum. Since then, nothing. So people will have to rely on that ROM.

      EDIT to add: I see AnTuTu is now 35K range instead of 40K. Also, no MultiWindow 2.0?

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