Newest Best Buy Trio Tablet Temptation: Don’t Buy It!

Best Buy:


(Note that Best Buy’s listing screws up all the specs. This is an iPad Mini clone with a 4:3 1024 x 768 screen.)

I didn’t have a camera with me yesterday, so you’ll have to take my word that I gave it a little test.

The latest version of AnTuTu downloaded at Best Buy from the Google Play Store revealed a score in the 15,000-range. This is an Allwinner A31-series CPU with 1GB of RAM and 16GBs of internal storage.

The screen claims it’s IPS. If it is, it’s the bad cousin of what we all think of “IPS.” It seems the screen is sunk so far below the touch layer (which can be seen as a series of horizontal grid lines when tilting the screen while powered off: – – -) that it tends to get dim when viewed at an angle. Also, at maximum brightness, it’s not very maximum.

Chrome crashed at some point when I was viewing this blog. I wasn’t going to repeat that to see what was going on. And it was only after I had left Best Buy and was several blocks away that I thought I should have tested the other browser installed on it. But I really didn’t have time to do a detailed fondle. It was an accidental encounter.

Downloading was very, very slow, but that could have been the Best Buy WiFi being overloaded because the speed tended to vary widely.

The still camera is the suck. Surprisingly, the video camera seemed to perform quite well for the price — although I couldn’t hear any audio from my test recordings. There might have been a camera setting on Mute. I just don’t know and didn’t dig to find out. As it was, I really didn’t like the camera interface. It was confusing.

Build quality was nothing special. It felt neither flimsy nor classy.

After leaving Best Buy and still thinking about it, I stopped in another Best Buy to see it again.

And that prompted this post. Because what I saw there is the reason why this is a big, big Do Not Buy.

The damn tablet wouldn’t charge! I encountered it unplugged, so I plugged it in. I turned it on. A few second later, all I got was an icon squawking the battery had no power. So, OK. I went away for ten minutes to let it charge some. Came back. Same icon.

And guess what? That seems to be normal for this tablet!

Here are some buyer’s remorse reviews from QVC, which sold it on TV last year:

I bought this for my daughter and it didn’t charge so I sent it back and got a new one and the charge port is bad in the new one to and now she cant use it it was for Christmas and she used it once


Don’t buy this item. The tablet itself was good, but the connection to plug in the charger was horrible and broke after a couple months. Now it’s sitting in a drawer collecting dust.


My husband and I bought this for Christmas for out 7 year old son and have since returned it!! Doesn’t hold a charge and when it does work it works not for long… Very frustrating!!! I don’t recommend this!!! We are looking for something much better!!!


I usually don’t do reviews on thing i order off line because I’m always satisfied with the purchase. But I purchased this item on 11/28/2014 for my son as a Xmas gift. Opened it on Xmas and still didn’t use it until the next week. Tablet was working fine for about 2 months and stopped charging. I thought it was the usb cord so I purchased a new one off of Amazon. Received it and the tablet still won’t charge. I figured I ordered the wrong charger so then i purchased a duo set off of Ebay. I received the set and tablet still won’t charge. Looked on the Trio website to order a charger and you can’t so I decided to read the review for the tablet and this seems to be a problem for ev everyone. My son hasn’t used the tablet in about a 2mths. Won’t recommend this tablet to anyone. Shopping for something much better!!!


I ordered 2 for my daughters and i already sent them back after the 3rd replacement.The Loose usb charging port makes it very difficult to charge and this is after the second day.


I bought 3 of these as gifts for my children. The tablet after 3 days wouldn’t charger. Its an issue with the charging area on the tablet. I’ve sent 2 back for repair now I need to send the 3rd one back. 11$ each one to send back. Wish I could get my money back.


I bought 3 of these tablets for my kids for Christmas. Within 3 weeks I started having problems with the chargers. I finally decided to go on Amazon and but 3 new charging cords. Thought that would be the end of the charging problems…nope…1 of the tablets have already stopped charging (it’s an internal problem)…my kids loved these tablets…seems to be a common problem by all the reviews.

I think that’s enough.

This is a problem I’ve seen reported with many Chinese iPad Mini clones circa-2013. And that’s what this is. It seems very similar to an Onda tablet.

I was realllly tempted to buy this. I was thinking it’d be a good thing to eat some of the dogfood I’d been posting about here. Plus, it would have been a triage tablet in case I had to do long hospital visits again (lugging a heavy notebook is not fun!). I knew the slowness would have been maddening, but still, I was willing to take the jump.

But after seeing all of those remorseful buyers, no damn way!

The prediction of the USD 99 Allwinner blog has come to pass after all. But so what? It’s meaningless if the tablets are fall-apart garbage with crap batteries and charging ports that drop dead!

Selling junk tablets isn’t a business. It’s a robbery.

Avoid this and anything with the Trio brand on it.

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One response to “Newest Best Buy Trio Tablet Temptation: Don’t Buy It!

  1. Denise

    Android tablet trio is just awful. The salsman at Best Buy said is was just as good as apple tablet just cheaper. I bought it. Battery life is short, slow connection and just a plain worth of time. Lessons learned. It is now collecting dust. What a waste of money

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