Nokia N1: Fifth Update

I didn’t count them. Number five is what ZOL is claiming [Google Translate].

What the latest update does:

1. Z-Launcher updated to 1.1.18-beta

2. Fix the Android native launcher reusable add contacts desktop issues

3. Adjust the maximum volume of the headphones, headphone volume and the addition of a warning to comply with European regulations

4. Compatibility optimize network links

5. Optimize OTA download settings

6. optimize the ambient light detection accuracy rate, and automatically adjusts the brightness turned on by default

7. Optimized boot animation playback fluency

It’s interesting that the EU audio warning has been added. One step closer to a release outside of China?

Previously here:

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3 responses to “Nokia N1: Fifth Update

  1. Ric Day

    Re. the EU warning – Beijing is about 10 hours from London, versus, say, London to Phoenix, which would be over 11 hours, AFAIR. Lots of Europeans visiting China these days, so likely lots of cellphones being carried home.

  2. Pau

    I just hope the European release…but so much waiting, dont know why.

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