Where’s The Hisense Sero 8 Pro?


It was back in December that the Hisense Vidaa Pad was spotted at the FCC for clearance to sell in America.

It was back in January that we learned it would be sold at Walmart in America under the name Hisense Sero 8 Pro.

Here it is nearly April — but where’s the Sero 8 Pro?

Not at Walmart. Not at the Hisense site.

A cursory Google finds it on sale in Germany, for €199,00. A brief pricing error allowed a few people to get a certain color model for just €99,00 [Microsoft Translator].

Aside from Germany, it’s on sale in South Africa, at a price that roughly translates to US$249 (about what we’ve expected, but US$199 sure would be nice!).


There’s a review from South Africa that is mixed and rages against bloatware installed by Hisense:

What is a problem, is the three whole screens that Hisense dedicates to pre-installed nonsense. One for recommended apps, one for Viewster (a movie streaming app showcasing uninteresting b-grade movies, luckily for free since I wouldn’t pay for any of them), and one for MyApp (which you can sign into Instagram with as far as I can tell and displays photos from there). These pages cannot be removed, and the apps cannot be uninstalled, only deactivated, which still displays the pages.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


This is the first (only?) Rockchip 3288 tablet to be sold in America. I’m still curious about it and would actually take a burdensome trip to a Walmart for a fondle.

I’ve used Hisense’s general contact form to ask about the American release date and will update if there’s any news.

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13 responses to “Where’s The Hisense Sero 8 Pro?

  1. MJ

    Great article. I’m downunder and have found the same thing. Have been watching this model closely when first released, I’d pay the $200+ Euro but appears no one wants to ship to Oz. Sounds like I’d have more luck with sourcing a Nokia N1?

  2. G bieling

    Now end of April and still no news
    Any updates ?
    Thanks gb

  3. Why this hasnt come to US yet whats the hold up? have a Hisense sero 7 pro just flash dopa lollipop 5.1 and nano module gapps on it and it runs great xda developers philcrist, xbox xpert and dolores park does a great job on this tablet hope the hisense sero 8 pro comes to walmart soon

  4. luckyme

    Well it’s on sale in the UK for $156.00 us dollars. Free shipping. Free case. It looks like they downgraded the front camera.

  5. luckyme

    Yes, I suppose they could have changed direction with their business plan. But, I am very happy with vidaa tablet. I like the size of the screen, being larger in size than some other 8″ tablets. The dell venue8 and the iwork8 3g are both wider and not as tall. (In landscape mode) The vidaa being more like the ipad mini has more screen space. Performance has been great. If I had to complain I would ask for a larger battery.

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