Thunderbirds Are Go: Goosebumps

And thanks to my own secret agent, I have been able to see nearly the first two minutes of the first episode.

And, dahhhhhyum, like my secret agent, I also got goosebumps listening to Ben Foster’s adaptation of the classic Barry Gray theme. He does a seamless transition from Gray to his own addition. And like the classic opening, there’s a brief montage of clips from the episode about to be watched.

From just the little bit I saw, it’s clear they’re doing a hell of a lot more with CGI than Gerry himself did with New Captain Scarlet. It’s difficult to explain the contrast, but anyone will be able to see it immediately, especially with the theme titles.

I have the tiniest bit of hope that they might actually pull this off.

At the very least, I look forward to seeing the debut episodes.

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