Windows 10 And New Small Tablets

So… all new small tablets that will use the new Intel x-series of CPUs will wind up with a Desktop-less Windows 10? No one wants an RT-like (all-Metro/Modern) experience. That’s why Windows 10 underwent so many changes. This will kill all small new tablets. I can’t see Desktop-less Windows tablets having any sales.


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7 responses to “Windows 10 And New Small Tablets

  1. If Win 10 gains developer support and the apps that comes with said support, then i would prefer a tablet without the desktop. I use tablets as consumption devices and I don’t need the desktop on a 7-8″ tablet.

    • JohnD

      Win 10 will gain developper support but MS are again shooting themselves in the foot with this ‘metro’ interface fanatacism. They have this massive advantage over Apple and Android – PC legacy software. Why can’t they see it ? It doesn’t matter that some users say they don’t care about the desktop – in order to gain market share Windows has to offer applications and the applications are legacy desktop ones. It is THE major selling point. For you an 8 inch tablet might seem like too small a place to be using full-on apps but you are possibly not the cash-strapped young person who just wants a small, cheap device to do his PC and tablet time on.

  2. definitio

    How trustworthy is what the guy wrote? It contradicts everything I have read so far (including W staff statements) as well as the whole logic that is to be initiated with Win10, of “universal experience” across devices.

    It think it is just bull*

    • It’s not. I have it from a second source who also knows. Desktop goes away for some devices.

      • definitio

        Ok, so do you know what they consider to be “small tablets” that won’t have desktop?
        Will it be under 8in, under 8.9in?

        Truth is if you have a 7inch tablet, desktop is not going to do you much good, even if you only work with a pen stylus.

        But still, what is the point of offering a differential product release anyway?
        If people aren’t going to make use of it, why treat it as if you are providing an “extra” and kinda mess up uniformity and get in the trouble that different versioning entails? What good does it do to you?

      • Yes, small tablets. New ones that are 8″ and below. That UI is basically what Windows Phones will have.

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