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ZTE Zmax Update 2


My interest in this phone continues. What’s not like with it still being US$99 at MetroPCS?

What hasn’t been to like are the attitudes of ZTE and T-Mobile/MetroPCS. The bootloader is locked. ZTE/T-Mobile won’t allow people to unlock it.

There’s been no root (one developer was working on it, succeeded, then met with a series of personal crises — along with harassment from impatient children at XDA — that prevented further work).

While an unlocked bootloader is probably out of the question (until ZTE and T-Mobile regain their sanity), it seems that achieving root is getting closer.

Those with Linux/coding experience can witness the work in progress at XDA Developers starting here.

If this gets made into an APK that allows easy root, it’d be fantastic. Without an unlocked bootloader, I’m not sure that any custom ROMs would be possible. But still, apps that require root to perform magic would be possible and that would greatly increase the value and usefulness of the phone.

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