Apple’s Tim Cook Writes Truth

Tim Cook: Pro-discrimination ‘religious freedom’ laws are dangerous

Our message, to people around the country and around the world, is this: Apple is open. Open to everyone, regardless of where they come from, what they look like, how they worship or who they love. Regardless of what the law might allow in Indiana or Arkansas, we will never tolerate discrimination.

I’ll repeat what I wrote earlier:

An Apple Store is the most welcoming business I’ve ever been in.

I never feel judged or stared at or followed around like a crook.

I’m never made to feel like my time on their demo devices is an imposition or comes with any time limits.

I’m never constantly harassed with, “Can I help you?” — which is too often code for, “We have our eyes on you, so watch it!”

And I never feel as if a salesperson is counting on me to buy something so he or she can pocket a fat commission and brag about what a sucker I was.

Enshrining prejudice under the guise of religion is the biggest form of evil I can think of, second only to using the excuse of “security” for the violation of our Constitution rights.

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One response to “Apple’s Tim Cook Writes Truth

  1. Ric Day

    I am really glad to see Cook speaking to this topic. If America aides back into its 1960s approach to race, we’re all screwed.

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