Hisense Sero 8 Pro Still MIA In USA

But there’s a new review in Africa.

The Sero 8 Pro ships with Android 4.4, but the introduction of obnoxious, full-sized movie, app recommendation and social widgets on three homescreens is a travesty. The movie app simply collates movies and TV episodes for you to watch (albeit more obscure titles), while the social widget aggregates Instagram photos and the app recommendation widget is self-explanatory.

It’s one thing to introduce obnoxious widgets, but it’s another thing to make these widgets uninstallable though. I tried holding down on these widgets to bring up a removal option but to no avail. I then went into the app manager and disabled the widget, then remove the empty widget box. I still couldn’t use the empty screen for anything else though. It turns out that the option to disable these screens is buried under “widgets” and then “custom”. And you still can’t actually remove the apps anyway.

In fact, the Sero 8 Pro has a ton of bloatware/installed apps anyway, such as two simple games (Burger and Bubble Blast 2), Vevo (this one is uninstallable), DU Speed Booster, HiShare, the MoboGenie app store, Netflix (which isn’t available here yet so counts as bloatware for now), Playboard, Spotify (same as Netflix), theScore, Umano and WPS Office.

Hisense promotes the tablet in France.

And a video posted four days ago on YouTube reveals that Hisense is now selling it in Italy.

By the time this tablet gets in any store here in America, Samsung will have leaked more about their upcoming tablets and kill what little interest I still just barely have in the Sero 8 Pro.

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