Thunderbirds Are Go: FIVE!

Behind-the-Scenes Video, New Images And Theme Song Revealed For THUNDERBIRDS ARE GO

Gerry Anderson: The frustrated genius behind Thunderbirds

Thunderbirds Are Go: The Preview

While the two characters in the opening scenes of the new series look like they could have been computer-generated 10 years ago, there is a sucker punch moment that occurs in the following few seconds that will leave many fans thrilled.

Yes, that was in the first two minutes that were leaked to me. If you stop to think about it, the scene is totally ridiculous and unrealistic. On the other hand, there were many moments like that in the original series that I never noticed when I was a kid, so I allowed my suspension of disbelief to kick in and override my adult brain.

A preview of the new theme (with the old theme cutting in) is available at SoundCloud, or below:

I think Ben Foster did a good job with the theme. And this weekend I had his music from the distressed balloon stuck in my head (this was in the first two minutes a spy sent me).

And there’s new footage in this video:

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