Jolla Tablet: US$2.5M Raised, About To End

Jolla Tablet – world’s first crowdsourced tablet

At post time, they’ve raised US$2,547,064. The campaign ends at midnight (local time?).

I thought this bit was interesting:

You say that the up to 128GB memory cards are not supported for Windows computers. Why is that?

We’ve decided to move forward with an open source memory card solution. This enables you to use memory cards up to 128GB on your Jolla Tablet for back-ups and additional storage, but due to Microsoft’s licensing limitations, cards over 32GB will not be directly compatible with Windows computers. We apologize if you were expecting full Microsoft support here, but we feel that this suits best to our community’s wishes and Jolla’s values.


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2 responses to “Jolla Tablet: US$2.5M Raised, About To End

  1. Google is the most greedy company that has been. Why do they need to make it so damn hard, even impossible to get an update that in all rights we deserve

    • Many Android phones are subsidized by carriers. It’s those middlemen that screw up timely updates because they want to include their network-specific and partner-specific bloatware and “enhancements.”

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