Hisense Teases New Tablet



Metal? That’s rather mundane. The real surprise after the break.



Just 3mm thick?! Not even Samsung has done that yet. Nor Apple.

There have been image leaks of this new tablet. It shows a thin side that gets thicker towards the back. Yet the above image is showing a flat 3mm back. A prank?



I’m throwing in that Weibo even though it doesn’t look like it belongs with the other two at all. The first two are clearly a tablet. This one looks like a phone.

I think Hisense will be announcing this tablet in April.

While the Sero 8 Pro tablet is still unavailable in America. Go figure.

Doesn’t any company want to sell things anymore?

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3 responses to “Hisense Teases New Tablet

    • I didn’t run those because I doubted them and still do. And they contradict the 3mm thickness Hisense claims.

      • The leaked tablet has the same sharp corners and look to have the same screen geometry. Also, note the accented rear corners; they look similar, IMO.

        On a related note, why do you talk to me here but have me blocked on Twitter?

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