Thunderbirds Are Go: THREE!


Another screensnap from my two minutes of spy footage.

Thunderbirds Are Go! review: you’ll get over the CGI

I keep swinging back and forth. Will I put this in the category of the crappy anime Thunderbirds 2086, consider it a reboot (like Battlestar Galactica), or — and yes, there’s a third option — think of it as what Gerry himself would have done if he was again young and had this as his idea now.

I don’t think I’ll know until I see it on Saturday (thank you, Internet!) — or maybe even after the entire season(!). Meanwhile, tomorrow is the behind-the-scenes special. I expect that will only confuse me more until Saturday.

The thing about the original series is that it was amazing to see puppets and miniatures do all of what they did. CGI just lacks that jaw-drop factor. Eh, but I am older now. Kids will probably love it anyway.

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  1. E.T.

    I think the crucial factor would be the plot and the humor. Lego is doing quite well with their Ninjago and Chima series because they are written well (for kids, that is) and with humor.

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