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R.I.P. Evangelist Robert Schuller

Wow. Easter Week.

I had to take a break to sort out my thinking about him.

There are critical things I could write about him. Instead, I will confess that I watched him many times and sometimes even looked forward to it.

He was a creative thinker and he appealed to me.

Rest in peace.

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Thunderbirds Are Go: TWO!


Another screensnap from my two minutes of spy footage.

The countdown actually stopped for me today.

But first …

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UI: Apple Watch Versus Pebble Time

iPhone Killer: The Secret History of the Apple Watch

An early version of the software served you information in a timeline, flowing chronologically from top to bottom. That idea never made it off campus; the ideas that will ship on April 24 are focused on streamlining the time it takes a user to figure out whether something is worth paying attention to.

So what I thought was “insanely revolutionary” about the upcoming Pebble Time UI never made it out of Apple’s design labs.


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Nokia N1: Ten Tips


ZOL has published an article offering ten tips for using features of the Nokia N1 [Google Translate].

Maybe some of these will already be known to veteran Android users.

But since there’s interest in this tablet, I thought it’d be worthwhile to at least offer a link for future reference.

Note that some of these might change with updates to Android from either Google or Nokia.

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