Core-M Tablet: US$399 From CUBE


This is very odd. CUBE hasn’t mentioned it on Weibo at all (I just re-checked!).

cngadget reports CUBE has released a US$399 budget version of their expensive Core-M i7 tablet: Cube i7-CM released – a Core-M tablet which costs only $399.

What it lacks is 128GBs of internal storage; it’s been cut in half to 64GBs, but:

Although the internal storage has been cut down to 64GB, the i7-CM still features an SSD SATA3 drive, much better than the eMMc storage used in PIPO’s RMB2699 ($435) Core-M tablet.

4G has also been dropped for 3G-only (China-compatible).

And there’s a kicker that might turn off some people even at this price.

It’s this:

What we really want to address here is that the i7-CM doesn’t come with a licensed Windows 8.1 OS like the original i7 does, instead it runs Ubuntu OS or a trail [typo: trial] version of Windows 8.1 on top.

And, of course, it’s not set up as dual-OS, like the Teclast X1 will be.

By now, some of you might be very excited and want to buy this.

Good bloody luck.

Here’s the part of the graphic I didn’t show up top:


This doesn’t seem to be something CUBE intends to mass-produce. And when I was at CUBE’s English-language page and clicked on that button, I was led to an AliExpress listing for the very expensive i7 — and that could mean all one-hundred tablets have already been sold.

Which would be a shame. At US$399, a Core-M tablet is very tempting even with a screen resolution of just 1920 x 1080 on a 11.6-inch screen. And since it’s from CUBE, the build quality will be a step higher than other China brands.

We’ll have to see if CUBE will make this a mass product.

Same-day update: Cube i7 CM comes with Ubuntu installed as standard

Cube will be launching the Ubuntu powered Cube i7 CM on April 5th though Aliexpress at a promotional price of $399. No work on the link to the store or what the regular retail price might be.

So, there might still a chance for people to get one. Synchronize your local time to China if you want to be one of the lucky one hundred. And leave a Comment to let everyone know what it’s like when you get it (or better: do a YouTube video!).

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  1. giouncino

    Good move from Cube!

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