Videos: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

From Russia, three videos about the Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Interesting Home screen but fugly background colors that are unlike Samsung:


The camera doesn’t look to be crap:



The videos:

I don’t know what’s up with the sound quality of the sample videos. Was his hand repeatedly blocking a microphone?

I’m really waiting for Samsung to announce the higher-end version of this.

Previously here:

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Samsung Galaxy Tab A Series: Just Like 2013 Chinese iPad Clones

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One response to “Videos: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

  1. K

    “what’s up with the sound quality of the sample videos”
    my guess this is due activated active noise canceling. reviewer say that tablet have second mic for noise canceling. also quallcom chip-sets frequently have such feature that work very well. sometimes too much aggressive – while phone call if you in 2 inch or more from voice mic, you hear very quiet voice, almost nothing

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