CUBE i7: Three OSes?



I think what it means is that the new CUBE i7 tablet can be ordered with Ubuntu or dual-OS Windows/Android.

And CUBE is doing Windows/Android in a vastly different way than Onda and Teclast.

I think this scheme is called MEmu. Screensnaps that show Android running inside Windows, via emulation(?):









The racing game looks to run well.

The video:

And the link for the download — password: wcth — which apparently will work with the CUBE iWork 7, iWork 8, iWork 10, and CUBE i6 Air.

If anyone downloads it and tries it, leave a Comment to let others know how it works and if it works well.

This is a surprising development in dual-OS tablets.

In addition, CUBE released an APK to add a tachograph function to some of their tablets.



I’m not posting the Youku video, which just shows a video from the point of view of a car dashboard (I saw no speed or distance display).

This is the APK download link.

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