Hisense Vidaa Pad (Sero 8 Pro): User Report

This is very odd. The Vidaa Pad was announced waaay back in October and only now is it being handled by anyone in China. Hisense did a “reintroduction” at a China trade show recently so maybe it wasn’t released until now?

Anyway, there’s a user report at IMP3Net [Google Translate].


The box design is very similar to the one outside of China for the Hisense Sero 8 Pro.

Houston, we have a problem …


… it’s Tyrant Gold! Hisense was supposed to offer a variety of colors (I was looking forward to one in red) and yet it seems only Tyrant Gold is being offered. Bleh.

The user reports the build quality is not the best, with some seams not being completely closed up or level.

The full AnTuTu tech specs (click for full size):


This is a Rockchip 3288 yet the AnTuTu score is several thousand points less than what’s expected:



It should be at least 38,000-range. It seems Hisense hasn’t optimized their Android.

The camera is, ahem, not the best …



… but can sometimes surprise with a decent image:


None of the sample photos were available at full resolution so we can’t tell how much resizing or compression affected the overall image. But they’re clearly not as good as a cellphone camera.

The conclusions:

Let me talk about the bad, do not support the sense of light, work is still too rough, too small battery capacity, battery life up to five hours visually, it is one-sided pursuit of thin consequences. Fortunately, the charge is still relatively fast, one hour charge for 40%.

Camera is purely decoration, menu key and can not be set to global built-transparent. (Who knows how to do?) Headphone output audio is very bad, low noise significantly, charging the screen will shake (using the original charger and data cable). Description internal shield done extremely bad.

Not root! ! ! ! !

Tried numerous tools will not work, can not install the driver. Which expert guidance about what a super tool to root? And there is no physical volume keys.

In addition, the system is regarded as relatively smooth, very basic Caton. But, but, Walled Village board plate is used up there is always a “wood” feeling, not to mention keep up with IOS, even slightly decent Android phones can not catch up. Click on the slide change occurred when this disgusting thing.

Say good: cheap, metal, workmanship said in the past. The screen is very good, no dead pixels, high brightness, with a look at the video or the Internet is very appropriate. System is fairly smooth, run faster, open the application is relatively rapid. Village board is also visible in progress. 4.4 The system can be turned on art, is currently not experiencing application can not be used after every reboot trouble is, the program will display is optimized. This is not a machine, many mobile phones are like in 4.4 with art, reason is not clear. I do not expect to upgrade to 5.0, anyway, just 32 master 3288.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

A shame about the camera. And there’s really no excuse for it when we’ve seen Acer put a good one in their (probably now-discontinued) A1-830 tablet, which had a weaker CPU and lower price.

It’s really too bad this will be the only Rockchip 3288-based tablet available in American stores.

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