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Newest Best Buy Trio Tablet Temptation: Don’t Buy It!, Part Two

I wound up fondling that Trio tablet at Best Buy again yesterday.

I did so because of a specific reason.

Due to #FuckCancer, there might be more hospital vigils in my future. And I’m sick of lugging this Battlestar-sized notebook back and forth during visits.

I was thinking maybe the Trio could be a cheapass triage tablet even if it lasted just a month. Not dragging this damn Battlestar Shit notebook would be worth the US$3/day if the tablet died in just a month of use. (I also think if I were to buy it, I’d get the Best Buy protection plan so that replacements for crap manufacturing would be on their damn dime, not mine.)

So, I ran AnTuTu again yesterday: 15,243. Which seems a wee bit high for an Allwinner A31 CPU.

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