Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab A Extra Features

It turns out the new Galaxy Tab A tablets aren’t just cheesy circa-2013 China tablets after all.

Samsung added some custom features that are actually interesting and useful and might justify their Samsung-level pricing.

See the three(!) videos after the break.

And since I tended to dismiss these, I’m surprised to learn they’ll support microSD cards up to 128GBs, as this video reveals:

That’s not insignificant. Samsung exerted some influence in getting Google to change its mind about microSD card storage restrictions, allowing apps to be moved to the card instead of the card being limited to media storage (as it was with the ZTE Zmax).

And here’s a video comparing the 9.7-inch model to the iPad Air 2:

ABT produced three informative videos that pack a lot of key info into a small amount of time. Well done!

As for these tablets … I’m still not keen on the 1024 x 768 screens. But in the event that I do wind up needing a triage tablet after all (see this post), I could see myself biting the damn bullet and getting the iPad mini-sized one. It’d be more than double the price of the Trio, but it wouldn’t drop dead in a month or less. Plus, it’s Samsung, so it wouldn’t be entirely junk. In this case it’d be underpowered for the price, but not something I’d live in fear of the USB port breaking or the new battery suddenly not holding a charge.

What’s frustrating is that the Hisense Sero 8 Pro — with a more powerful Rockchip 3288 CPU and a Retina-class screen — would have been priced about the same as the iPad Mini-sized Samsung Galaxy Tab A. Yet Hisense has no plans to release it here (yet?).

Maybe I won’t need a hospital triage tablet after all, so I shouldn’t get all worked up.

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2 responses to “Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab A Extra Features

  1. Robert Jasiek

    The videos show some mirroring of the displays. When the Air 2 or the Tab A mirror light directly, one only sees the light. From the videos, it is hard to judge whether there is a difference in degree of mirroring. Similarly to what I have seen when holding an Air 2, the Tab A’s mirroring is not so bad with a white or light-coloured background shown on the display when there is no direct mirroring external light source. With darker background, the user’s face or hand mirrors clearly. Since the videos show a very dark room background, it is too hard to guess how bad the mirroring will be with light, window light or the sun mirroring indirectly or directly. We need to await tests for that. Will the S2 be better in this respect?

    • The S2 will probably be better in all respects. The screen will be AMOLED or Super AMOLED, unlike the PLS TFT of the A tablets. Probably laminated or gapless too.

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