Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Android 5.0 Update Is Go

The second tweet in the series is to inform Z-series owners they’ll be next.

Previously here:

Sony: T2 Ultra Will Get Android 5.0!
Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Might Get Android 5.x



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4 responses to “Sony Xperia T2 Ultra Android 5.0 Update Is Go

  1. john

    on tax day, best buy had a flash sale on the T-2 Ultra. same as black Friday deal: $200 each. I bought two knowing that they’d receive a Lollipop update after reading your posts. thanks! (android 5.0 is close enough for me)

  2. I have a T2 Ultra since November. Although the screen pixel density is not so great, I am more than pleased with it. The screen has good viewing angles and vibrant colors.
    Although it is a huge machine, is very light and thin.

    I never had problems because of the ram, did not suffer any crash for lack of memory even with many open apps. Games like NFS, Asphalt 8, Dead Trigger 2 run well, but I saw many slowdowns in Rayman Fiesta Run (think the problem is programming).

    My biggest complaint is in relation to the camera. Not that the results are very bad, they are good in good light situation, but it is extremely slow. If you take pictures of great importance in your choice, should take into consideration that the camera’s slowness. I do not know if it’s Sony’s app, I tried the Google camera and did not realize improvements in speed between shots.

    Sorry for mistakes because my native language is Portuguese (Brazil speak of).

    I consider it a good buy for those who want a bigger cell. There would consider returning to a smaller device today.

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