Teclast Might Have Announced Android 5.0

Thanks to Vladimir Burnin, who noticed it on Weibo and left a Comment alerting me.

This is very odd. Although this Weibo appears in Teclast’s home timeline, the aggregate timeline I have of all tablet makers doesn’t have it. Perhaps Teclast deleted it but the Weibo cache change hasn’t propagated yet?

Anyway, the Weibo (which might not work):






As usual, the link goes to a locked forum post [use Chrome browser for translation].


Android 5.0 firmware version ID: C5J6, other ID to be tested

Do not attempt to use this if the tablet doesn’t have “C5J6” on its back. It will likely brick the tablet.

This is a test of the upgrade that will be fine-tuned for all models and roll out completely later.

Also, since no other China tablet makers have yet announced the availability of Android 5.0, I consider it a marketing move by Teclast to try to prop up their sales over the competition. This test version could be buggy as all hell. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are no Google apps or Play Store and contortions are required to get them on the tablet.



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6 responses to “Teclast Might Have Announced Android 5.0

  1. the question is if 64-bit Atom would be faster after 5.0 update
    this will clearly tell us, if 64bit matter or not

  2. Pingback: x98 : nouvelle tablette chinoise sous Lollipop !

  3. x98 Air 3G Roms are cross compatible, except for a few issues with camera, but these issues can be fixed by flashing a different Bios, however not all Bios are cross compatible so be careful!
    But if you are super careful Lollipop has been tested and worked on C8J7 and C6J6

  4. where can I download the Trail 5.0 Rom for C6J6?

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