Tablets Versus Large-Screen Phones

Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says iPhone shipments for the current product cycle “have peaked”

The analyst is blaming “industry structural changes” for a rather large 52.7% drop in iPad shipments from fiscal Q1 to Q2. The 10.1 million tablets Apple is estimated to have shipped in its fiscal second quarter is a 38.1% decline from the 16.3 million iPads it shipped in the same quarter a year ago. Declining iPad shipments, partially due to the successful launch of the Apple iPhone 6 Plus phablet, will continue next quarter as well with Kuo predicting a further quarter-to-quarter 28.5% drop in shipments of Apple’s slate.

We’ll have to see what Apple says in terms of actual numbers, but things seem to be getting weird in the tablet market.

Tablet news, reviews, and releases have collapsed in China. Companies that were in the news just two years ago aren’t heard from at all now. And it seems everyone wants to migrate to doing Core-M tablets for higher prices.

Have people really been abandoning tablets altogether in favor of large-screen phones? I’d still want — and need — a tablet even with a large-screen phone. But I have a special reading requirement: Google Books PDFs.

If Apple does indeed release an iPad Pro, the sales numbers of that will be very interesting.


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