iPad And The China Tablet Market

Apple Reports Record March Quarter Results of $13.6B Profit on $58B Revenue, Boosts Dividend and Buybacks

From the earnings call:

iPad sales record in Japan, all-time record in China.


iPad in PRC, had its best quarter ever, higher than all others and also grew in market that contracted for overall market.

The one thing that didn’t go well in Apple’s earnings report, explained in one chart

According the chart below [click link above], made by BI Intelligence, Apple sold 12.62 million iPads last quarter, down 23% year-over-year, which translates to roughly $5.43 billion in sales. That’s lower than the $5.6 billion the Mac brought in last quarter, marking the first time Mac revenue surpassed iPad revenue.

The iPad sales growth has been in steady decline over the past few years. Year-over-year sales have declined in each of the last 8 quarters.

Strange time for tablets. But Apple clearly crushed all the “cottage” tablet makers in China. What people outside of China see as a bargain, inside China they consider trash.



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5 responses to “iPad And The China Tablet Market

  1. Kyriakos

    Considering China has 1/3 of the World’s population its expected to be the largest market. It doesn’t mean Chinese made tablets didn’t sell.

    • Looking at how many tablet companies have gone out of business, you can’t argue that they’ve sold well.

      • Kyriakos

        quite a lot of the chinese tablets are built by the same factories. new companies pop-up every day with slightly different external design and have one of the few factories build them with their branding. you can have your own line of MikeCane branded tablets for as low as 500 pieces order.

        so when we say the closed down.. just the name is gone.. the factories are still there making the same product for someone else.

  2. Vis1-0N

    Does this mean that the average Chinese buyer has a lot more spare change to splurge (than me) to find Ipads affordable even when not desirable?

    I can understand the middle class buying an Ipad, but for the lower incomes I would have thought there would be enough of them to sustain the “trash”?

    • It doesn’t look like there’s much support for domestic makers in China. Really, the message boards I’ve followed for at least two years are always telling people to avoid “cottage” brands. Even Xiaomi.

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