Game Changer? Onda Core-M Windows iPad Clone



Well this is a kick in the head. A real surprise!

A new Windows-based iPad clone with Intel Core-M CPU:


I didn’t think any company would do that. Onda has skipped the X-series of Atoms here. And notice they’re calling it an Ultrabook, not a tablet. Yet recycling the V919 designation — to confuse the hell out of everyone.

Separately, smaller SOFIA CPU-based tablets:



Now that Onda has done a Core-M-based 4:3 tablet, will CUBE, Teclast, Five Technology, and others offer one too?

And how will Onda price this new V919?



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3 responses to “Game Changer? Onda Core-M Windows iPad Clone

  1. Anyone know how much a 5y10c actually costs the mfrs? Given Intel lists it at US$281, it must be a very substantial part of the BOM. Tablets bigger than 10″ require a Windows licence too, don’t they? No wonder there are none under US$400 so far…

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