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First Review Of Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0

It’s not in English, though: Review: Samsung Galaxy Tab A with S-Pen the back of the pen and the screen size of 8 inches !! [Google Translate]


This is the version with the S-Pen and 3/4G, but in all other respects is the same as the version without the S-Pen and without 3/4G the U.S. will be getting.

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Windows 10 Wow

Some very impressive stuff shown during the Microsoft Build conference webcast.

It’s given me a renewed interest in Core-M tablets from China, especially the upcoming 4:3 iPad clone, the Onda V919 (which will probably also have models from Teclast and CUBE).

My interest was also piqued by a video from Hendrickson, which is available after the break.

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ZTE ZMax Back At Metro PCS


And at US$99.00 again.

Previously here:

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The Entire Tech World In One Photo


The Microsoft Build conference.

Techies and what looks like a homeless guy sitting in his own piss.

— via Twitter

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What A Xiaomi F-Code Looks Like



MIUI forum:

Q: What’s F-code of Xiaomi Phone?
A: The full name of F-code is Friends Code. It’s born to provide priority with important users who’ve greatly contributed to Xiaomi at first. They can directly buy Xiaomi Phones or other items from Official web without ordering in advance. It can only help buy, cant be used or exchanged as money!

I’ve never seen one generally given out in the clear on Weibo before.


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Teclast X98 Air II: Dual-OS New Firmware



As usual, the link is to a locked Teclast forum post [use Chrome to translate]:

Dual-OS firmware

Previously here:

Prior Teclast X98 Air II posts

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Teclast X1 Pro 4G: New Firmware



As usual, the links go to locked forum posts [use Chrome browser to translate]:

Windows firmware
Partition tutoroial
Android firmware

Previously here:

Teclast Announces Core-M Tablet, TV Box
Teclast Teases Core-M Tablet

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