Windows 10 Wow

Some very impressive stuff shown during the Microsoft Build conference webcast.

It’s given me a renewed interest in Core-M tablets from China, especially the upcoming 4:3 iPad clone, the Onda V919 (which will probably also have models from Teclast and CUBE).

My interest was also piqued by a video from Hendrickson, which is available after the break.

Clearly Core-M is more powerful than the X-series of Atom CPUs:

Compare that to Chippy’s experience with the first Z-series Atom on a small tablet:

Of course some will argue this is apples versus oranges — a Core-M tablet has more RAM, faster SSD for storage, etc. But still. In less than a year, a China tablet has much more power. Yeah, the price is higher too. Yet again: But still.

I’m not sure any tablet from China will be worth buying until Windows 10 is pre-installed. Early adopters who begin with Windows 8.x and do the free upgrade to 10 might run into the kind of problems first buyers of the Onda V975i ran into. Better to wait and make sure they’ve got all the hardware revisions shaken out first.

I think with Windows 10 we’ll see Chinese companies releasing phones with it too. Given how kick-ass Android phones from China have become, imagine the application “flexibility” of Windows 10 on a kick-ass phone connected to a large monitor. We could really be moving to that mythical time where a phone replaces a desktop for most people. And not just in their pocket — but at home, connected to a large screen.

Also: How soon will iOS and Android app developers shift their apps to Windows 10-compatible versions too? That capability is a potential market-upsetting earthquake in itself.

Same-day update: Chippy chimes in: Post-PC, ultra-mobile PC and very, very disruptive. The Windows 10 Continuum demo at BUILD 2015 was mind-blowing.


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9 responses to “Windows 10 Wow

  1. Sasa RS

    ” I’m not sure any tablet from China will be worth buying until Windows 10 is pre-installed.”

    I never understood people fascination with new version of OS either of Windows or Android. If new version of application software which I use (for work, communication etc.) works well under the old version of OS, I will be happy. People use directly application software not the OS. The OS is under the hood and people spend maybe 1% of time directly in OS.

    • I like the new UI features of Win 10, personally. And, as I noted, there was that big screw-up with Onda and Windows 8.0 firmware.

      • Sasa RS

        Understood, but again I think that people use UI of OS very rare, most time people spend with UI of application software.

        I own Teclast X98 Air 3G dual boot 64GB and I’m very interested to know what ONDA screw-up with Windows 8.0 firmware, so please tell me if you can.

      • The link for that is in the post, for the V975w V975i. It’s a series of past posts.

      • Moccij

        people spend a lot of time on their OSes. Multitasking. Contextual menus, inter app communications. Coherent theme scheme. Workflow. Boot, lock screen. System parameters. File system. The hype around every OS iteration is almost always justified, and that without talking about under the hood improvements

  2. Kyriakos

    by the way the big difference between the tablets shown in the videos can be accounted to the amount of available RAM. new X series Atom support more than 2GB RAM which will make the experience a lot better than the current generation. Core-M is a faster processor but for everyday tasks such as browsing, word processing etc Atom X Series with 4GB of RAM will run smooth and will cost a lot less.

  3. Manish

    Supporting more RAM is a function of 64-bit processors and even a generation old Atom Baytrail, had 64-bit version that supported large RAM, case in point ThinkPad 10 tablet with 4 GB RAM.

  4. I thought Intel deliberately crippled Baytrails with 2GiB limit so as to limit competition with its own higher end chips? Only 4GiB & above really take advantage of 64-bitness. Haven’t seen a single Cherrytrail tab here in UK yet, be interested in what improvements it brings, suspect small & incremental change rather than a huge leap.

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