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Samsung’s New S2 Tablets: Enigmatic Tweet Tease

I have no idea what that means other than it has to do with the new S2 series of tablets.

But there are also accessories coming for them too ..

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TV: Thunderbirds Are Go


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Sony IMX214 Camera Component Shortage

Sony reporting huge shortage of IMX214 camera units

The issue is so serious that Sony have taken to their official Weibo account in China to explain the situation. Apparently Sony say that only %50 of current orders of the IMX214 will be able to be filled!

Well, that’s going to wreak havoc on a hell of a lot of Chinese phone makers.

It’s going to be interesting to see which company will be able to press Sony into giving them a smooth supply ahead of everyone else. I’d place my bets on Lei Jun and Xiaomi getting the lion’s share until production can meet demand.

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First Video: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.7 Unboxing


A proper unboxing with large video.

Screensnaps and video after the break.

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