Samsung S2 Tabs: June 2015

Exclusive: Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 and Tab S2 9.7 will be announced in June

According to the latest information, there will be four variants of the upcoming high-end tablet – Wi-Fi only and Wi-Fi + LTE variants of the Galaxy Tab S2 9.7 and the Galaxy Tab S2 8.0 – and all of them will be announced in June, just like the original Galaxy Tab S. These new tablets will be released worldwide, including the US, Canada, European markets, China, Latin America, Hong Kong, Korea, and India.

That is not too long a wait for what might be my tablet deliverance after all this time.

But what will China do in terms of Core-M and 4:3 tablets? It’s doubtful there will be any Core-M dual-OS tablets. (CUBE offers a wonky Android emulator for their non-4:3 i7 tablet. See Hendrickon’s video.)


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2 responses to “Samsung S2 Tabs: June 2015

  1. E.T.

    I’m puzzled by the Chinese tablet situation. I thought that the RK3288 Android tablets would be a big success. Instead, Intel and Microsoft are very dominant, reminding me of Microsoft’s 90s tactics.
    I wonder how’s Rockchip doing these days.

    • Rockchip has Intel as a partner, rolling out the SOFIA 3G chips. I’m not sure if those will succeed since China has been moving towards 4G very quickly and customers want the speed 4G offers. Rockchip will be around a while. I think ACTIONS has been in trouble but is moving out of tablets to survive. And Allwinner is also moving into areas other than tablets, like set-top boxes.

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