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Sony Does A Double Facepalm Move

Oh for …


After complaining just yesterday that Sony raised the price of the Xperia T2 Ultra by US$50, today they went and dropped the price by US$50!

And yes, I confirmed that by being in a Best Buy today, where in-store it was again US$249.

Sony, pick a price and stick!

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Sony Does A Facepalm Move

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Surface 3: No.

Best Buy had the new Atom X7-based Surface 3 today and I put it through hell.

I downloaded The People of the Abyss, the 290MB version of The American Magazine, and Surface Japan (see the Google Books PDF Test page).

It turns out the Surface 3 includes a PDF app called Drawboard PDF.

I tried it.

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Google Books PDF Test: Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0


With my camera still MIA, this post lacks photos and video. What it has instead are screensnaps from the Tab A 8.0 itself that I uploaded to WordPress from Best Buy.

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Asus Zenfone 2 NYC Intro RSVPed


This far out, it’s up in the air if I’ll be able to attend due to all the chaos in my life right now.

But I’m very interested in the 4GB RAM version of this phone and want to attend.

See how it kicks ass in a video after the break.

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CUBE Teases “Surface 3 Killer”



Inside China, that wouldn’t be hard to do given the price will be a fraction of the Surface 3’s.

Outside of China? Erm, no.


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Apple Watch Spotted on CCTV Anchor



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