Asus Zenfone 2 NYC Intro RSVPed


This far out, it’s up in the air if I’ll be able to attend due to all the chaos in my life right now.

But I’m very interested in the 4GB RAM version of this phone and want to attend.

See how it kicks ass in a video after the break.

It has a good AnTuTu score too (see this video):


Full Disclosure: I asked Asus’ PR guy for an invite. He previously invited me to another intro after I harangued him for one. I am realllllly interested in this phone and intend to test the hell out of it when we get hands-on time. This would be more expensive than other phones I’ve been considering, but with that 4GBs of RAM, I think it would be worth it.



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2 responses to “Asus Zenfone 2 NYC Intro RSVPed

  1. Aliexpress is doing a promotion on it it will be $336 on may 7.

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