CUBE Teases “Surface 3 Killer”



Inside China, that wouldn’t be hard to do given the price will be a fraction of the Surface 3’s.

Outside of China? Erm, no.


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5 responses to “CUBE Teases “Surface 3 Killer”

  1. Kyriakos

    They will obviously cut some corners regarding pen input which probably be just a capacitive pen instead of a pressure sensitive panel. Other than that I am sure they can beat them on price even with the international price markup.

  2. Mario

    Maybe they show a tablet with 3:2 Ratio…this would be a nice

  3. I’d definitely be interested in giving one a try… Surface 3 way overpriced IMO…

    • Chris

      3:2 ratio, 4GB of ram and put a Core M in it WITH a kickstand and cheaper than the Surface 3 it might just sell in the west.

  4. highwind

    Hopefully the start of the next Gen Intel tablets from China (Atom x3/5/7)

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