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Toogles Is Dead?!

I despise searching YouTube.

I’ve always used Toogles.

Now Toogles is gone?

WTF, Google.


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Dual-OS CUBE i6 Air 3G Reviewed By Liliputing

Cube i6 Air 3G dual-boot Android/Windows tablet review

Just click the link for the full review with embedded video.

With Samsung’s new S2 Tab series due in a few weeks, my interest in China tablets is waning. The end of my posting about them is nearing.

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Alibaba’s Jack Ma Speaks Truth

Jack Ma: ‘We’re not smart or hard-working, but we’re millionaires’

Why are we successful? Is it because we’re more hard-working? I don’t see it; we do work hard but there are a lot of people more hard-working than us in the world. Is it because we’re smarter? Not necessarily. Five years ago it was hard for us to hire people, but now we can just hire anyone off the street. We’re not hard-working or smart, but we’ve become wealthy, why?

Because we had good luck. Actually, we’re kind of dumb. Seven or eight years ago, lots of people joined Alibaba. But the smart ones felt the company didn’t offer enough opportunity, so they were poached by other companies or left to do startups, and their incomes went up. Those of us left weren’t smart, so no one was poaching us. But in the end, looking back from five years later, we somehow became rich.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.

I like the way Ma concedes luck was a factor.

How unlike the techies of Silicon Valley who believe their success was entirely of their own making.


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Samsung Galaxy Tab A: Tips And Tricks Video


A video with five tips and tricks that work on the Samsung Galaxy Tab A.

Shown above, MultiView. It now operates differently than past versions.

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Writer Seabury Quinn


Seabury Quinn
The Compleat Adventures of Jules de Grandin

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The Not-So-Surprising Use For A Tablet

The Tablet Story Isn’t Over — But It’s Changing

Android Tablet Land

Flurry’s data regarding Android tablets reaffirms the many Android tablet observations myself and others have been making based on our research of the segment. Consistently, we find tablet usage and engagement is weak in Android land. Android tablet sales, going back to the beginning of 2013, have an estimated total of 340 million units. Tracking that against my Android installed base estimates, it puts active Android tablets via Flurry’s data at roughly 120 million units if we just focus on the past few years worth of sales. Meaning that approximately 220 million Android tablets are no longer in use or not accessing the Internet via apps.

The latter is not surprising. We know that low-end Android tablets do not drive heavy app or Internet engagement and are mostly used, globally, for entertainment media like video. What is surprising to me from this estimate is what appears to be a very short life for Android tablets. If my estimates are correct, or even in the ballpark, it suggests a much shorter average life cycle for Android tablets versus iPads. Perhaps chalk that up to the fact that the bulk of Android tablets being sold cost less than $150 and are relatively poor quality, or that there is little value found from the end users, therefore they are bought for cheap and then discarded when value was not captured or the hardware failed.

Boldfaced emphasis added by me.


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Lei Jun’s Phone Pinnacle



He should be proud. It’s world-class. I wish it worked with American cellphone frequencies!

At 2,999 yuan — or about US$483.00 — it’s an insane phone bargain.

See it splayed after the break.

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Mi Note Pro: AnTuTu



That Snapdragon 810 and 4GBs of LPDDR4 RAM really push the limits.

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