Mi Note Pro: AnTuTu



That Snapdragon 810 and 4GBs of LPDDR4 RAM really push the limits.


I hope Samsung’s upcoming S2 tablets are in that range.

Mi Note Pro comparison chart:

Click = big


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4 responses to “Mi Note Pro: AnTuTu

  1. Woah! Looks good! On a side ‘note’ (ha)! Wonder if Xiaomi will do an upgrade to their MiPad? Would like to see X1 and Note abilities on a 4:3 slate…

    • Xiaomi tends to keep hardware around for quite longer than, say, Apple. Despite rumors that have turned out to be false, there’s been no real word of any new Mi Pad coming. With the tablet market basically collapsing from its heights, I can’t see Xiaomi being in any hurry.

  2. highwind

    Available Q1 2016 – a true Xiaomi!

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